Myths to Avoid

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While homes are going up for large prices and selling for equally high amounts, not every home will sell like this and you cannot expect that your home will sell for a really high amount, you should go into the market with realist expectations.

While it is easier to get your house ready to sell for the summer time, have the windows open and have bright sunny days to make your home inviting. Selling your house can be an all year round event if you have trouble selling, how ever homes can still be sold in the winter time.

People are often afraid that their home will sell too low, however you must expect that your expectations might not be meet. The price of your home is really set at what people are prepared to pay for it. While also you need to remain realistic and not think that your house will just go for the price you would like to have it sold at.

While it may seem scary the legal side of things in housing sales are pretty straight forward, yes it is legally binding but you can usually trust your legal representative to do the right thing. It is important to ask for advise and have all your questions answered and read through every document before you sign.











Some tips for buying

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Their can be conflicting reports of some suburbs then their can be overwhelming hype either good or bad about a location, before you believe either side you should do extensive research before you finally decide you want to buy a property in a location.

In your research you should find out about the following, access to major roads are you close the the highway, are you close to public transport be it trains, buses, are their places to shop at or places of entertainment, are their schools for your kids.

Once you have done all you can do on the computer in your research, you should visit the short listed suburbs and experience the area to get a feel of the atmosphere perhaps go shopping in some of the locations, see a movie and just drive around to get a feel for it as well.

If your perfect suburb has everything you want but is too expensive for you to buy in, then perhaps you could find a better priced home in a surrounding suburb you could find everything you want but just be five to ten minutes down the road to your ideal location.











Secondlook into tenants rights

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Your rights when leaving to be given correct written notice of termination. Your landlord must give you 14 days notice. If your agreement ends on a specified date your landlord must give you 30 days notice before that date if they want you to leave.  

Your responsibilities to give correct notice when you leave. To end the agreement at the end of the fixed term you must give 14 days notice in writing. To leave the premises in the same condition as when you rented them, except for normal wear and tear.

If you are a landlord and having issues with a tenant or a tenant and having issues with a landlord you go to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. If the issues are not sort out between each other you must go to the Tribunal and they fix the issue in a legally binding manner.

Before you enter your tenancy agreement you must read it carefully and if you no not understand any part of it get some help. You should ask the landlord about any issues that arise in the property, keep everything in writing everything that goes on between the tenant and landlord. 











Tips for an Auction

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Competing in an auction can be difficult when you have a set budget, if you put all your hopes in this one property it is a mistake be ready to let the property to go. Do not allow your emotions to get in the way and create an even larger amount of debt for yourself.

You need to research, find out about how much similar houses in that area have sold for and make sure the starting price is well below the other houses sold, as auctions push up the price and sometimes quickly. The minimum price the auction property holder is willing to accept the reserve is not disclosed so it is hard to estimate.

You should go to a few auctions before you think about competing in one yourself, so you know the process and what happens at them. Always remember to have the property inspected before you go about buying it as this should be done in every property purchase. 

If you win an auction remember that it is a binding contract and you will need to have the money to be able to afford the property. You will need to show proof of identity on the day you go in for the auction, such as drivers licence etc. 












Easy to forget housing issues

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You may think selling your home may be easy if you have done it time and again, however there are things that you might look over that you really shouldn't. For example you will have a list of issues with your house that you might not have gotten around to fixing, such as broken things in need of repair and cleaning up the garden.

Is your home in a heritage zone, if your home is older than usual this might very well be the case you could have forgotten about it or just overlooked it. You should do your research if this is the case beforehand so it can be made clear to potential buyers, as heritage homes can bring in buyers or could have them running as it usually hard to have them restored.

The market changes regularly , even more so for individual suburbs a house in one suburb may have sold really well but don't think that your home could preform the same as there are many different considerations in why that house sold the way it did. You should research the market and even get your home evaluated before you get your hopes up. 

You should check out your agents history do they seem a little dodgy well you can never be too sure so ask around. While it is important to find the right real estate agent remember that you are not a real estate agent yourself and you need to keep that in mind and heed there advise when you are not sure about certain things.











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