How much will it cost

In order to answer this question we need to know:

  1. What items you are moving and if there are any particularly difficult or heavy pieces.
  2. Where you are moving from and where you are moving to, as travel time is charged.
  3. Access for loading & unloading; Is it close and level, or are there stairs and a long walk. Is there safe, legal parking?
  4. Packaging Materials: Will you need cartons, plastic covers and wrapping.
  5. Additional services: Will you require (packing, unpacking, etc.)
  6. Safety Risks that must be properly managed.
  7. Tolls, Parking Fees, or any other unavoidable expenses.
  8. Quantifying the above factors requires experience and skill.
  9. Firm Price: Quotes are usually only provided after an onsite inspection by our professional estimators.
  10. Estimates may be given over the phone or in response to email. (An estimate is an assessment based on the information we receive. It is not a firm price quote. Our quotes are free and competitive.)

Can I use my own cartons

Yes but be aware that not all cartons are suitable for furniture removals. Using unsuitable cartons is a false economy. Cartons should be strong, sealed and of standard sizes. Our cartons are designed to stack neatly, forming a strong, weight bearing matrix when loaded. Using inappropriate cartons may cause damage to the contents and make handling difficult and slow.

Do you place everything in position in my new home

Our removal crews will place and reassemble furniture in your new home according to your instructions.

You will need to measure and plan in advance for the placement of furniture.

Indecisiveness resulting in excessive additional time taken to reposition furniture may incur additional charges on quoted removals.

How should I prepare my fridge

This should be emptied and wiped clean throughout. If it is going into storage, the fridge should be thoroughly cleaned and dry. Wiping the interior with vanilla essence will help keep any mildew at bay. Tea bags left in the fridge will absorb moisture and help combat mildew.

Can you move plants

Plants generally do not travel well. They cannot be stacked and occupy expensive volume during transport. However provided it is a case of all care and limited responsibility we are prepared to move plants when requested. Ceramic pots become brittle with age and exposure to the elements. Proper preparation and packing is seldom an economic alternative but potted plants can be moved provided it is at the owners’ risk.

When will Last Minute Removals pack the cartons

Due to time constraints packing may need to be done before the moving day. Some planning and preparation will ensure that those things you need are not pre-packed. Loading packed cartons the day before clears the residence of clutter and reduces the amount of work needed on moving day.

How long will your quote be valid

Our quotes are valid for acceptance within 28 days from the above date, provided we are permitted to commence work within 60 days of acceptance.

I want to do my own packing but am not sure how many cartons I will need

Estimating how many cartons you will need is difficult for professionals and virtually impossible for amateurs.

We use 3 basic types of cartons.

Standard Cartons – General purpose large carton used for crockery, glassware, folding clothes and linen.

Book/Crystal Cartons – Small carton used for heavy items like wine, books or sealed groceries. They are also used to pack fragile items that should not be layered like crystal glasses.

If you are unsure of exactly how many cartons you may need, order extra, we will only charge for those materials actually used. You will need to give back the unused cartons to our removal crew before loading commences so they can keep track of the returns. It is preferable to over order to avoid the necessity of additional deliveries.

What happens to the cartons after I move

Used cartons and wrapping can be a nuisance to deal with after a move. We have an environmentally responsible policy of keeping our packaging out of landfill. We will reuse or recycle packaging material wherever possible. When you are unpacked simply phone us to arrange a pickup of materials. You will need to ensure that cartons are emptied, flattened, grouped in sizes and stacked out of the weather.

Hint: When unwrapping articles wrapped in butchers’ paper, flatten the paper. This reduces the chance of throwing things out with crushed paper. It is less work than crushing up the wrapping again. The paper can be reused and takes up much less space. Don’t bother to flatten crushed paper used as cushioning. It should be squashed into as few cartons as possible to facilitate handling.

If you are wanting interstate removals - we also provide this service at competitive rates!