Interstate & Regional removals

We are removalists servicing the regional areas of NSW and interstate removals as well

Last Minute Removals can provide regional NSW removals and also interstate removals also. Please contact us for a specific quote based upon the location and size of your belongings. It is a good idea to do some research of the area schools for your kids, shopping centres, places of interest petrol stations etc.

We understand how important it is to have a professional carrier for regional and interstate removals, as it's a huge undertaking to move home or office over large distances. Since you are moving to a different state you may need to update drivers licence and car registration information as things can work slightly different from state to state. Pet microchip information will also have to be updated.

Moving in the same suburb may seem hard enough, let alone moving from one state to another let us assist you. We make interstate or regional removals a breeze. Last Minute can help you with interstate and regional removals.When moving interstate, it is best to plan. The less you have to move the less trips we take. Perhaps giving some unneeded furniture to friends, unwanted items to charity. Make sure to do a big clean so you are not moving things that are just going to be thrown out when you unpack.

It can be very stressful on pets when moving so remember to keep them at ease and to have them locked up. Cats for instance can run away when you move. It can also be hard on children to adapt to new environments at first. However communication is key depending on how old they are make sure they are involved, let them know well beforehand so they can keep in touch with friends they have made to make sure they have adjusted. To turn their anxieties into excitement.

A good idea would be to have your car serviced and up to shape for the long drive or even multiple trips it might take as there are large distances involved. Update government information such as the rates, the voting role, your medicare, find a new doctor and get your old doctor to help sort out things such as medications and other treatments you need help with. Keep a list of essential items that you will be keeping with you and your family and not the movers, such as valuables and toiletries. Also set up a mail redirection service as their will be mail that you might have forgotten to change the details with, and it may take time to update as well.  

Moving office from state to state will take longer than our usual over the weekend move as it takes much longer between your old office to your new business space. It would be easier to find some new office furniture in the new location, as the less that you need to take the less trips that we have to take and the less it will end up costing your business. Our interstate and regional removals are at competitive prices and we will match those of reasonable competitors. It might be recommended that it be done in stages so some of your work can be done in your old location, and done in your new location. 

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As time goes by we will be placing more content here about our regional and interstate removals.