How to pack boxes for moving

One of the most stressful parts of moving is packing boxes, how do you do it, what should you put where, how heavy should a box be, and so forth, let this be a helpful guide for you. The simplest way to make your time easier is to plan ahead of the move you should have everything in boxes before you move a week or so beforehand.

You should account for every little item small items can be important such as medicine that you need or things of value can be small and hard to lose if you just put it in a box with other things as it could fall out. 

Make a list of everything as they go in a box and have the boxes be numbered so it will be easy to find what things are where on the other end and makes for a hassle free unpacking. Also have coloured tape on each of the boxes for different parts of the house that you want the contents of the boxes to moved.

Try to use new corrugated boxes for the moving process, as these boxes are stronger than other types. When you buy new ones they can be of similar shape and strength so you should be able to easily stack them knowing that they won’t lose their integrity.

If you use second hand boxes or boxes lying around the home they can break easier or be not up to the task, but if you are to use older boxes you should test each box to see if they will break. The durability of a box must support the contents inside, and be able to be stacked with others, odd and awkward shapes will be hard to stack and hard to move. The best type of box should be rigid without and holes or damage to its structure.

Whether or not the boxes are new or second-hand you should use duct tape or strong adhesive to bind the bottom of the box together so the contents don’t fall through either in the move or in the truck. 

You should pack heavy items below the lighter items, but keep in mind stacking that some boxes should be exclusively heavy and others light, and the heaviest ones on the bottom of the truck and the light ones above.

In the boxes delicate things should be braced with tissue, or bubble wrap, do not use newspaper as ink can transfer onto belongings that you don’t want stained. Other boxes should also have this done as you don’t want items moving about in their respective boxes.

Don’t have boxes that you cannot lift easily and remember if you are moving the boxes you are going to be carrying a lot of weight throughout the day, better there be more trips between the house and the truck then pulling your back out. Keep box weight to 10 to 15 kilos, this will stop belongings from falling out of the bottom even if they are reinforced.

One item that can be very deceiving is books, sure you can fit a lot of books in one box but the cumulative weight adds up, so try to limit the number of books in a box. 

You must also make sure the tops of the boxes are also sealed, and don’t have items that are above the top of the box so you cannot close it, spilt the contents into two boxes if you have too.

Also if you are using a moving company and you do not do a good job with the packing it just makes it harder on them and can take additional time to fix mistakes that you have caused.