What to consider when renting a new place

Ether you are leaving home for the first time or you finding a new home it is an exciting and terrifying time there are so many things to consider so many responsibilities you are now going to be burdened with. 

First of all can you afford it, your part time job might do you fine with helping mum and dad out with board but there are a lot of costs you might not be considering. You will have to pay rent, electricity, phone bill, internet bill, and food. The last one is the kicker food runs out quick, and going out for dinner may have to stop altogether, as it will be cheaper but time consuming to make your own food. 

You will have to do everything in the house, while at home you might have had some chores to do now you will be responsible for cleaning, the apartment, your clothes the dishwasher. You will need to cook, need to make phone calls.

You will have to deal with the landlord who only wants your money and doesn't want to be your friend. They will make it hard for you inspections every couple of months so you need to have everything cleaned such as the carpet, the floors, and walls. They own the place so you need permission to do anything putting a nail on the wall, painting the walls, additions to the property and even owning a pet. 

Many places will only allow you have one pet, many others will not allow a pet at all, this is because the smell is hard to get rid of even with steam cleaning and a sufficient airing out. A big tip for pet owners is to get a dehumidifier if you put this on once every few days it can take the moisture out of the apartment air and takes the smell out too; done regularly enough should be able to keep the apartment in good shape when you leave the rental for another.

While you will have a contract with your landlord about how long you can stay there, there can also be some loopholes for when they want to sell the property and you will have to move out. Being unsettled and having to move at a moment’s notice will be a big stressor.

When issues arise between you and the landlord the landlord can usually get what they want, and they will be sided with in many court cases, but if there were things that are not your fault you can sometimes win. 

Getting back to the budget side of things if this is your first rental and you looked at your finances and see that you are actually in a position to move out then do so. However all the money that goes into a rental is not yours like it would be buying a house.

Location is something that is not on your side, being somewhere that is perfect for you may not be perfect for your budget, you may need to end up further away from your perfect location then you would like. You might need to live near a really busy road or rail-road that on principle should be cheaper, but might not be the case any more as less and less rental properties are available. 

You might even have to live about 1 hour or so away from where you work. If you find a place that meets most of your requirements you should take it, as there will be many people wanting to rent as well. You will need proof of income when securing a bid in the rental space the landlord needs to know you can afford it after all, so when your payslips or bank statements come through save them.