Why us

At Last Minute Removals we understand that running a moving company is a little like being a parent… you need to be tough but gentle.

We’re tough in that we’re used to going hard at it all day, going into people’s homes, apartments, studios, and townhouses moving and lifting cartons, packing boxes, couches, armchairs, kitchen items and a wide range of other furnishings and household items to help them move house.

With a gentle touch we pack our trucks

We’re also gentle in that we understand your belongings are special to you – sometimes we even move priceless items that have belonged in families for decades!. With a gentle touch we pack our trucks with the highest level of consideration for your goods and treat them like they’re our own. We know moving house can be stressful. There’s so much to think about! Getting the relocation organised, organising your new property, telling your housemates, packing all your belongings into moving boxes and then there’s the stress of moving day! We plan on taking away all the stress by:-

  • Having a well thought out moving plan
  • Being in constant communication with our customers
  • Having highly trained staff with years of experience
  • Moving your furniture quickly and efficiently

Below are some questions that we constantly get asked about our Sydney furniture removalists service. We hope our responses will answer most of your questions, if not please feel free to call us today 0416953086.

Packing service for moving

Moving is one of those activities that causes most people stress and sleepless nights. Sorting all your stuff, packing all your belongings into boxes, labelling them, getting them into the truck and then trying to remember where everything is at the other end can be a challenge.

We will happily take on that challenge and help pack up your home with our house packing services. Sydney is a fast paced city and we’re sure you’re already busy enough. Let us pack your home with care. We can even help you move!

What do you provide with your packing services for moving?

When providing a packing service for Sydney customers we use bubble wrap, wrapping paper and blankets to ensure your items are well packed. Each item will be carefully wrapped and packed in moving boxes. Boxes will be clearly labelled to make things more efficient when unpacking in your new home. We use our experience and training to make sure there is no damage to goods during transit.

The process of our packing service:-

Step 1

Our home packing service starts with each room being surveyed and the creation of a packing plan by our experienced staff.

Step 2

Once we have established a packing plan we will coordinate with you to understand which rooms have a higher priority and what items are needed to be loaded on the truck in which order. For example, items that are needed right away in your new home (fridge, clothes, beds etc) are packed into the moving truck last.

Step 3

Once all the details have been worked out, it’s time to start packing up your home! An average 3 bedroom house will take approximately half a day to wrap, pack and box. This varies depending on how many items you require to be packed and the amount of glassware and fragile items that need to be packed. When packing your house we use professional packing techniques to ensure the safety of your household items.

Step 4

Moving day! Once we’ve completed all the packing we’re ready to move your items to your new apartment, room or home.

Call Last Minute Removals now on 0416 953 086 or email us for a quote today!

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Last Minute Removals understands that being a removalist company is a bit like being a parent - you need to be tough but gentle.

We’re tough in that we’re used to going hard at it all day, but gentle with your belongings.

Call us now on 0416 953 086 for a free quote!

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Last Minute Removals is a Sydney-based removalist company that specialises in every aspect of removals, for office or residential.

We also provide a packing service for your contents if you require.

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If you are wanting interstate removals - we also provide this service at competitive rates!